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What Is Yoga?

Yoga is more than just weird poses and breathing!

Yoga literally translated means "oneness"; it is about becoming one with what is happening for you in that moment. In general terms, it is a beautiful way to calm and ground yourself by taking some time to mindfully step back from your busy day to day life.

There are many yoga styles which focus on different aspects of movement meaning there is something to suit everyone!

What Is Yoga?

Yoga Styles

There are many different styles of yoga across the world. Here at Pure Bliss Wellness we offer the below styles throughout classes & workshops


Vinyasa A faster paced class that is a bit more challenging on the body while combining each breath with movement into a moving meditation.

Yin – A slow and calming style of yoga where poses are lying down or seated and held for 3-5 minutes each. These poses target the deep connective tissue of the muscle and fascia that covers the body.

Yin/Yang - A combination of the above two creating a lovely slow class perfect for beginners.

 Yoga Styles

Yoga vs. Stretch

We offer yoga & stretch classes on our timetable.


It is very common that in a yoga class you will perform poses that gently stretch the body in different ways whilst going through the yoga flow itself. However, a stretch class is more of a targeted class that focuses on releasing tension in certain areas of the body and increasing flexibility.


These classes include a short workout too to ensure muscles are warm and ready to stretch!

Yoga vs. Stretch

"Shanice is an expert Yoga teacher. She emanates calmness and tranquility whilst also being able to give clear instructions. Both my body and brain feel so relaxed at the end of each class."

Why Is The Breath So Important?

In every yoga class you will hear the calming words of the teacher: "inhale & exhale"This is to help guide you through your practice, keeping you in a slow rhythm while keeping oxygen flow optimal.


This helps your muscle engagement, mental clarity and many other factors of your physical & mental health.  Muscle engagement and relaxation is dependent on the breath as well making it an important factor for increasing flexibility. 


It is important to know that you do not have to be flexible or strong to start yoga! You build that as you go!

Why Is The Breath So Important?


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