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What Is Wellness & Relaxation Massage?

There are many different amazing forms of massage; this particular technique is a beautifully gentle & holistic approach to overall wellness.


The aim of Wellness & Relaxation Massage is to use gentle to medium pressures throughout the massage to create a sense of overall relaxation and grounding to help clients balance their physical, mental & emotional needs.

Using Swedish techniques on muscles and connective tissue, the massage itself helps to release tension and help the body flow with ease therefore creating a sense of calm and relaxation throughout the whole system.

What Is Wellness & Relaxation Massage?

What Are The Benefits?

Of course everybody has their own experience but below are some of the beautiful benefits shown in current research that you may experience with massage!

  • Activation of hormones that promote relaxation & well-being

  • Lowering of stress levels by slowing down heart rate & lowering blood pressure

  • A decrease in the production of stress hormones

  • Improvement in the circulation of blood throughout the body therefore helping to heal body tissues as well as transport vital oxygen and nutrients

  • And many more!


Overall a beautiful grounding experience as the body, mind and soul sink into a state of relaxation 

What Are The Benefits?

What Can I Expect At My Visit?

 initial Visit: (Either 75 minutes or 90 minutes)

  • A 10-15 minute discussion of your past & current health 

  • The remainder of the time will be the Wellness & Relaxation Massage itself which may include work on the back, legs, arms, skull, hands & feet

  • A brief discussion of what was found and recommendations for going forward

Regular Visits: (Either 60 minutes or 75 minutes)

  • A brief discussion of any changes since your last visit

  • The Wellness & Relaxation Massage following a similar pattern to before unless discussed otherwise

  • A brief discussion of any changes found and recommendations for future visits

We recommend that you come in comfortable clothing that is easy to change in and out of :) 

What Can I Expect At My Visit?

"I have been getting massages from Bel at Pure Bliss Wellness for a few months now. Every time I go in, she is super bubbly and welcoming. The massage itself has always left me feeling relaxed and like I'm floating on a cloud."

Wellness & Relaxation Massage for Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are so many changes happening that it is so important to take time to look after yourself!

Wellness & Relaxation Massages are perfect during pregnancy as a way to help you feel relaxed, calm and ease aching muscles & joints. 

At Pure Bliss Wellness we provide pregnancy pillows that allow you to lie "on your stomach" without any pressure occurring to bub so you can continue receiving care right up until the big day. Our women love them! 

If you have any particular questions relating to massage for pregnancy please don't hesitate to contact us.

Wellness & Relaxation Massage for Pregnancy

What Options/Add-Ons Are Available?

To compliment your Wellness & Relaxation Massage experience we offer additional services that you may request prior to your visit.

Please note some may have additional charges.

  • Essential Oils

  • Natural Balms

  • Massage for Pregnancy

  • Massage for Sport

  • Massage for Children

  • Reiki (For more information please CLICK HERE)

Please keep an eye on this section as more add-ons will become available over time.

What Options/

Add-Ons Are Available?

If you have any further questions about whether wellness & relaxation massage is right for you or a loved one

then please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to help! ♥

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