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Shanice Masters

Founder & Owner
Chiropractor & Yoga Teacher

My name is Shanice and I’m the proud Founder & Owner of Pure Bliss Wellness.


I provide low-force chiropractic care and a range of yoga & stretch classes at the practice and I am passionate about empowering you with your health and recognising your inner strength.


I am originally from the UK and moved to beautiful NZ when I was 11 years old so I definitely class myself as a kiwi! Outside of practice I absolutely love dancing! ♥


For more of my story and how it helped create Pure Bliss Wellness please click here.


Bel Sweetman-Jones

Wellness & Relaxation Massage Therapist & Reiki Therapist

I was born and raised in the idyllic isles of the South Pacific on an island called Fiji.


My passion for massage therapy started as a baby, receiving traditional island style nurturing by my grandmother. Inspired by nature and how grounding Mother Earth can be, I set out to study wellness and relaxation massage therapy in a NZ based natural therapies college with a truly holistic outlook. 


I have also trained with an Aromatherapy healer, and enjoy use of botanicals in my sessions to enhance the environment and the pure relaxation of my clients. With our busy lives, and constant go, we all need the benefits of letting go of stress and giving back to ourselves.


I wish to use my hands as a tool of healing, bringing the body back to its original and balanced state of being.

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Anne Adams

Cranio-Sacral Therapist
& Yoga Teacher

My name is Anne and I have recently moved to NZ with my family and dogs to start a new chapter in our lives. I was born and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa.


I have vast experience and knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, nervous system processes, women’s bodies and yoga. I am a qualified Craniosacral therapist, I have a degree in physiology and I have completed a TFH Kinesiology course. I have also facilitated women’s sexual education talks. 


My style of yoga is Hatha based where I incorporate a bit of Vinyasa and Iyengar principles. I believe in spending time in grounding and breathing practice and having the practice flow from the breath.


I am excited to be pursuing my passion in guiding people to listen to their bodies and trust that they have the ability to heal within themselves and I look forward to sharing my practice in the Pure Bliss Wellness sacred space.


Kim West

Holistic Health Coach
Pilates & Yoga Practitioner

Raised in Southern California with a love for dance and theater, my life took a turn at 14 years old when I abruptly fell ill with ulcerative colitis. My health journey has become my life's work and today I celebrate my wellness daily!  

My passion is working with people who are ready to take ownership of their health so they can live life to the fullest each day. As a holistic health coach, I support people through their health journey as they discover simple ways to reach their wellness goals. As a Pilates and yoga practitioner, I customise movement programs that address imbalances, tension or injury so that people feel strong, mobile and pain-free!  


For over a decade, I've taught Pilates in studios, homes, wellness centers and in tandem with chiropractic, physical therapy and Chinese medicine clinics. I have led several movement and anatomy workshops after being certified in Pilates by the Kane School in New York. I've had the privilege of representing Balanced Body Education training new Pilates instructors. I received my 200YTT with Embodied Flow.  After I earned my BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle in 2008, I co-directed a dance company in New York for 7 years. 


Rosie Masterson

Practice Assistant

Hi my name is Rosie, I'm really excited to be joining the Pure Bliss Wellness Team and meeting you all! I completed my schooling in 2019 at Waitakere College and I've been working in the hospitality industry for the last 2 years.

I'm so happy that Shanice has given me this great opportunity to become part of her team!


Jess Floyd-Crabbe

Communications Specialist

Jess grew up in Auckland and also the Waikato on a dairy farm, so is a city and country girl at heart!


Ever since she was a little girl she loved writing, reading, creating stories, and dreaming big, which lead nicely into the career she decided to pursue, which is communication and content creation!


Her aim is to create and write awesome, engaging content to put on digital platforms to help Pure Bliss Wellness and its practice get the word out there in the community. In her spare time, Jess loves getting out in the outdoors – swimming, hiking, running, you name it! She is an instructor at an aerial fitness studio, and loves to keep fit just as much as she loves to drink wine and eat chocolate and watch serial killer documentaries on Netflix.


She is super excited to be part of the Pure Bliss Wellness family and to get to know the amazing community!